The Ford family

Caterham, United Kingdom

The Family

We are a family of 5 living in Caterham, United Kingdom since 1997. Matthew is Canadian born, Ottawa, Canada. Laura comes from Enfield Middlesex.

These are our three children. For security reasons, we call them after their call-signs. Starting left to right, "Starbuck", "Coolbreeze" and "Dirt Diver". All three are wonderful children and are exceptional by virtue. Confident, bright, they don't suffer class bullies and set an example for all children of their age.  They are a joy to be with. The three of them make a really tight group and are usually laughing about something. We hope they will grow up very close to each other. Always celebrating each others qualities and accomplishments. Never jealous of the other. Always caring and supportive of one another.

We are truly proud of each of them and feel extremely lucky & privileged to be their parents.